How to Dress for a First Date with a Latina.

…and other helpful advice.

Latinas take pride in our partners being well-dressed and smelling good. You do not have to wear formal shirts or pants of expensive brands; we don’t care about that . What we do care about is that you look good and respectable to us and others. Just follow a few easy rules of hygiene when going on a first date with a Latina to make certain you make a very good impression.

Make sure whatever you wear is freshly laundered. Covering dirty clothes with cologne or anti-odor spray might be fine in a pinch, but the purpose of a date is being near someone and getting to know them. It’s better not to risk coming off as unclean. This might sound obvious but the truth is that over the years we have seen many men assume too casual an appearance and end up ruining their chances before they even get started. Don’t make this easily avoidable mistake.

Latinas love to dress for their man; but, they also like their man take a pride doing the same. It’s very important that you don’t use sneakers or sandals for the first date. Make sure you have a pair of black or dark brown dress shoes to go with your attire. Leave the casual stuff for the second date.

Be patient about punctuality

When you have a date, give her at least one hour to be late. You are very likely to find that many Latinos are more relaxed about begin punctual and are often late. Make sure you plan for this possibility and don’t get angry if she is late. Bring a book with you and wait and relax. If she arrives late and you are there waiting for her it will go a long way toward communicating to her that you understand her and her culture.

Keep the conversation on her and her family

There are a variety of things you want to be sure you talk about, such as her family. For most Latino family is very important so they love to talk about each of them. Ask about parents, brothers, sisters cousins. You will find her talking for hours and thinking you are a fantastic conversationalist without you even having to say a word. Ask about her job, school and even what perfume she used.

Don’t brag!

Don’t brag about what you have unless she asks and then do little more than answer the question without dwelling on your possessions. Speaking too much about what you have can easily have the opposite effect you think it might. There is no need to be evasive and treat your belongings like something to be ashamed of but long conversations about how YOU and what YOU HAVE should be avoided.

Be positive

Don’t complain about your last relationship. It’s universally accepted that no one wants to be around someone that is bringing a bunch of unwanted baggage to a potentially new relationship. Keep it simple and positive in what you choose to say if the subject of your last relationship comes up and then gently divert to more conversation about her. You want to keep thinking forward and let her know that is what you are all about. Keeping a mindset that you just haven’t met that right person but that you respect and value everyone you have known will say a great deal about your character.


Stay alert to her needs

Exercise a little situational awareness and don’t make her walk around for hours if she has high heels . Let her relax and talk and be vigilant about her needs. Latinas love to be taken care of and are about the most gracious ladies you will ever know. The down side of that is that they take great offense if you seem oblivious to their needs. So stay ultra-aware and repeatedly ask yourself (and occasionally her) if she is OK and comfortable. This will go a long way toward communicating to her that she is the absolute center of your attention. And provides a good base for our next piece of advice…

Pretend other women don’t exist

Latinas are fantastically aware to potential competition and seemingly have eyes in the back of their heads. Keeping your eyes fixed right on her and not letting your attention be drawn away by some attractive lady in red can mean the difference between a great date and a disaster. They are watching you like a hawk for this don’t give them reason to doubt.

Be a gentleman

One final bit of advice. Be a gentleman. Don’t stare at her boobs all night or immediately start talking about sex. It demonstrates you as being cheap and only interested in her as an object. She is much more than that and you want to know her. Her hopes, dreams and struggles. Focus on those things and really make an effort to know who you are sitting across the table from and you will win her heart.

Author: Giovanna

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    • Para mi es muy importante la primera cita. Y una de las cosas en las q mas me fijo es la ropa, los zapatos y el olor de la persona.

      For me it is very important first date. And one of the things I notice more is his clothing, shoes and the smell of the person.


  2. hola a todos los chicos deben vestir de forma casual aplicarse un buen perfume por que la primera impresiono es la que vale .

    hi, all you guys should dress casually and apply a good perfume that impressed the first counts the most.

  3. That is an awesome comment about us. Thanks! It’s true all that jajaja

    • Truly Gio, that are very good first steps to show how gentleman should be on a date,

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