How to Write a Good Online Dating Profile

Writing an effective  online profile can be a bit of challenge for some. As a result, they rush through it giving little thought to it and investing only a few scant minutes in some perfunctory offering that isn’t likely to interest a tortoise let alone their soul mate. If you want to attract a person that will become and remain interested your attention to a few key points will help tremendously.

Be Honest

Be honest about who you are and what you are looking for. As obvious as this sounds many people try to portray themselves as interesting, exciting or amazing. Who wouldn’t want to put their best foot forward? The problem is  more often than not they fail utterly at this and come off sounding like some sort of self absorbed braggart that would likely be happy dating a mirror.  Being honest and sincere helps you avoid sounding egocentric and allows potentially interested people to connect with you on a deep and meaningful level. The honesty of your words will resonate with people in interesting and unexpected ways if you are simply brave enough to really put the real you out there.

Be Positive

Your profile is a great opportunity to express what you want and what you are looking for. This should never take the form of a list of  items you don’t like or don’t want. Focus on what you DO WANT and what you DO LIKE.  A positive spirit is universally attractive and is most easily achieved in drafting your profile by simply sidestepping  what you don’t like and highlighting what you do like.

Post a Recent Photo

First and foremost have a decent photo. People without photos look like they have something to hide. No matter how eloquent the words in the profile if it can’t be associated with a face it is often perceived as disingenuous, exaggerated or in extreme cases, complete fiction.  Put simply, people don’t trust profiles that a person isn’t willing to associate their face with.

You also want to make sure the photo is reasonably recent. Yes, you did look amazing at that diner party 15 years ago but is that really what you look like now?

Be playful

Be fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. A modest playful spirit is universally enjoyable. Try having a little fun with how you represent yourself in your profile. The humor and fun will go a long way toward suggesting time with you will be time well spent. Survey after survey demonstrates beyond any doubt that the number one quality women look for is a sense of humor. Find yours and express it.

Don’t become obsessed with being the best …just the best you

Often when people consider their profile they unwittingly spend most of their time considering what will sound cool, sexy or interesting. In their effort to do this they slowly get further away from who they are as person and end up posting only what sounds good (to you). You have to keep the end goal in mind in every word you write. What is the point in attracting someone to you that you will ultimately not be compatible with with? Focusing most on the honest and best YOU instead of some invented “Captain America” version of yourself will ensure your future happiness with those that do find you interesting just the way you are.

Before you write ask

Spend a little time being introspective before you write a single word. Time spent on this exercise will not only keep your profile honest and on point but it will ensure that those responding will see something in you that is both real and attractive to them.

Who am I?

What do I enjoy?

What sort of relationship do I seek?

What sort of person is a good match for me?

Spend a little time with a pen and paper. Take a deep breath and then ask yourself each of these questions repeatedly until the answers start to flow from your hand to the paper. Don’t censor yourself just list everything that comes to mind even if it won’t be used in your profile use the exercise as an opportunity to clarify your goals, intentions and interests.

Try to spend a few minutes with each question. Don’t force the answers. It’s not a test. Just keep asking the questions repeatedly until the answers come easily and then write them all down. In a very short time you will find yourself with a collection of very sincere, very important and very honest items you can include in your profile.


Author: Giovanna

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