Romantic Telegram Service

Email is boring

In an age where texts, video chat and email are dominant communication tools it can be a challenge to stand out and communicate a level of romance and sincerity. You don’t want to be just another name in and inbox or text alert on a phone. You want to do something new and unique.

Thinking forward by looking back

Often the best way to introduce something new and romantic is to look backward;  back to a time before email, text, video chat and instant everything.  It’s the same thinking that motivates people to take a horse drawn carriage ride through downtown Manhattan. It’s not practical, quick or cheap. But it is very ROMANTIC.

telegram 2

This thinking of harkening back to a bygone era to add a little romantic flavor is what motivated the creation of our Telegram service.  Before the telephone dots and dashes would fly along copper wires delivering a message at significant distance. It was  the only way people could communicate in a timely fashion.

Romantic Telegram Service

Our romantic telegram service seeks to achieve this level of uniqueness and romance by taking your message and presenting it as a telegram to the lady of your choice and delivering it directly to her.  It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate yourself as someone that knows how to define romance.



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Author: Brian Marshall

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