What you should never say on a first date ?

The key to a successful first date lies in part in the conversation. Certain comments in another context these are not anything inappropriate , however , framed in a first encounter , can ruin the story. What you should not say on a first date ?

  • Do not talk about other dates you are going to have or had.

At present , the search for love online is becoming more prevalent . In such a case , it is logical that the person has more dates with other potential candidates. But this fact , it is better to omit it . Nobody likes to feel part of a contact book and that her is competing with others.

  • Do not talk about problems

Anyone have problems and concerns. don’t say negative thoughts . Your partner is not your best friend, but a possible love. Attempts to bring your side more enjoyable, fun and interesting you. It is not pretending to hide a reality but still , it is not for knowing it is part of your privacy.

  • Avoid prying questions

Avoid prying questions you might put the other in an awkward situation. Do not have any interest to know something of his ex. You can assume that the other person has a past, and in fact , if all goes well , you will know the short term. Enjoy your story and not what she has with another person.

  • Turn off the phone

It is not good to have any kind of parallel talk. Turn off your mobile phone and do not leave room open to interruptions because they are rude gesture . Also avoid criticizing the vicinity of the event, for example, the restaurant menu or place. There will be more chances to enjoy a different environment. The important thing , always, is the company .

Author: Giovanna

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