Delicious Colombian Christmas Food.


The world over, Christmas customs are pretty much defined by the food we eat. Sure, it’s a religious affair, a commercial conundrum and a month of flashy Christmas lights. But really it’s the food that we eat around Christmas that gives us that feeling of sharing and hope and home.

Colombians sure do love their food too, especially at Christmas time. Here is a list of foods that are Colombian Christmas customs you just have to try while you’re here. From banana leaf-wrapped bundles of yum to fried cheese bread, be sure to try each and every one of these Christmas meals but don’t blame me if you don’t fit into any of your clothing come New Year, ok?


Buñuelos y natilla colombiana


Cheese bread balls of deliciousness. I tried to make these myself one Christmas, it didn’t go so well. Leave it the professionals and the abuelas, they know how it’s done. While buñuelos are a Christmas food, they are also eaten throughout the year for breakfast or as a snack. Nom!





Natilla Colombiana


Natilla is a sweet custard-like wobbly pudding. It’s made with panela, a sweetener made from sugar cane. Some people even add Aguardiente to the mix. Aguardiente makes everything better right? Even dessert?? Apparently.





hojuelaa colombianasHojuelas

Another fried pastry to enjoy with Natilla and Buñuelos. They’re made with flour, butter, sugar, orange juice and orange zest and then fried, but like most Colombia dishes, ingredients tend to vary from region to region.





Lechona Tolimense

This is a traditional dish from Tolima, which I recently tried during a trip to the region with LivingCol. It is usually served on special occasions, not just Christmas, and is pork stuffed with rice, peas, potatoes and spices , cooked in a brick oven for about ten to twelve hours. Deli!






Rice pudding, another universal dessert loved by most people, and so easy to prepare.



Author: Giovanna

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